Carp Fishing on the Canal
Carp Fishing on the CanalAlexander Heimann (JH Baits Germany) I was fishing on the canal in our industrial shipping ways from a very young age. I remember it as if it were yesterday…I was sitting together with my grandad on...
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TWO FORTIES IN SHORT SUCCESSIONSam Yeomans – JH Baits UK   The lake in question was where it all started for me… 5 years ago I began my fishing career here. I had fished a few sessions early on and...
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Product focus KLF and how it all started
JHBaits KLF Freezer Bait Highly Nutritional Fish-meal bait designed by JHBaits founder Jason Holden.KLF was really the ultimate reason JHBaits was formed in the first instance, we asked Jason Why he felt the need to design and use his own...
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