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The lake in question was where it all started for me… 5 years ago I began my fishing career here. I had fished a few sessions early on and was starting to doubt the stock of the lake. My biggest fish had been a 21lb common which also stood as my PB. I thought there was not much more in the lake to go after which led me onto pastures new and the hunt for something bigger. I don’t know what it was, but something called me back to the local lake in 2019 for another season and what a season it would turn out to be!

7th August 2019: the first proper fish from my private syndicate. After 5 years of not fishing the lake and just getting my teeth back in to it. 30lb on the nose and what a banger it was! I spotted a patch of fizzing on the opposite side of the lake on my initial walk round. Once I was set up, I cast out a small bag of crushed up KLF with a KLF hard hook bait on a blowback rig onto the spot. Within 5 minutes it was nailed, and I had my buzz back.

29th September 2019: I had spent the past month pre baiting a small clay area I had seen fish patrolling on several occasions. My choice of bait was the KLF as I have so much confidence in it and the aromas it produces are second to none. The day came where I was finally able to put my rods out on the spot and I was very excited to say the least. That first night I ended up landing a dozen bream and having no sleep! 9am came. Completely out of the blue the rod on my pre-baited spot went into meltdown and I was into a fish that would smash my current PB. With the rod doubled over at times I was absolutely over the moon when I saw an absolute lump of proper Sutton strain carp slip over the net cord. 41lb 8oz of monster mirror…I was chuffed! And it fell to my same blowback rig with a KLF hard hook bait. Once the fish was retained safely, I called my mate who swiftly made his way down to the lake to do the photo honours.

8th December 2019: The same friend came down to see me on a winter session. After a few hours of being sat there chewing the fat he turned to me whilst watching my rods and said, “I bet they get right under that willow tree”. I was already fishing to it but after he said that I had to have a recast to try and get as close as possible. With my next cast my rig went straight under the overhanging willow with a solid donk. Not even 5 minutes later it was off! After a mental scrap it was finally in the net and it was a chunk! This one tipped the scales to 41lb 6oz - A sibling to the other fish. 

You may be wondering why I had the photos done shirtless in the middle of December?! Well…when one of your friends says “you haven’t got the minerals to take your shirt off” there are no questions to be asked! To share that buzz with friends whilst fishing is why we do it!

With only two forties in the lake, a thirty and the rest mid doubles and twenties all the A-team were mine and at their top weight! Job Done! 

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