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Banana-Scopex Shelf Life Boilie.

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Sweet and creamy Classic flavour combination of  Banana-Scopex Built on a high quality Bird seed mix.

CLO, crushed Hemp and Maize, Niger seed, Vegetable Proteins, Whey Protein Concentrate, Wheat Germ, Oyster shell, FFHT Soya & Wheat along with a natural sweetener giving the bait a very coarse consistency and openness to help quickly breakdown and release a nice balance of Nutritional and attraction.

A coarse bait containing lots of roughage and digestive aid ingredients such as wheat germ means the bait is not heavy on the digestion and is passed through the fish quickly and with ease as well as providing a good nutritional meal that the fish continue to feed on. 

The liquid pack combines liver liquids/ beta-stim and Scopex/Banana Flavour to create a beautiful creamy Banana flavour and aroma rich in Amino Acids.


Recommended :
All our baits are soluble , meaning they will slowly breakdown releasing food signals and attraction into the water continuously , over time they will become soft and eventually breakdown.
As with all our Freezer and Shelf-Life Boilies we also supply a range of Hardened Hookbaits for anglers who want reassurance there Hookbaits can be left in the water many hours without fear of becoming too soft and being removed by nuisance species.
Please see our pop-ups/Hookbaits section. 







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