Sweet Orange Pure Essential oil

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Sweet Orange Essential Oil is the most recent flavour added to the already incredible KLF Freezer Boilies.

Adding 2.5ml of this Essential Oil to 1kg of KLF Base mix has proven over the years to be a deadly combination, banking many many Big Fish, 

TOP TIP- Add 2.5ml Sweet Orange to 1ml Black pepper essential oil to create a fantastic proven flavour combination, It's no Surprise this is the  most popular flavour combination to date within our KLF Boilie range.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil in its purest form, and as we use it in our products at JH Baits we thought it is only right to offer it to our customers in bottled form for those looking to experiment.

We have found that the optimum level in a Boilie base mix to be 2.5ml per 1kg of Base mix but feel free to experiment.

20ML Dropper Bottle.



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