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JH Baits Banana scopex Wafters for carp

Banana-Scopex Wafters

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These Wafters have been carefully made to achieve a boilie that is as close to neutral buoyancy as possible, and we believe we have achieved this with a combination of our quality Banana-Scopex Base Mix and our Banana-Scopex pop-up Mix.

Creating a bait that neither floats or sits hard on the bottom can give you a presentation that can be the difference between a bite or not.

in testing we have found 6-8 hook is just enough to sink the Wafter and the hook will remain on the lake bed .(This is approximate due to different hook patterns and weights.)

This will enable the Wafter to sit off the lake bed, look and act totally natural and be of very little weight.

Available in round 15mm & 15mm x12mm Dumbell pots.

please note: As with all baits over time the Wafters will slightly take on water and this will effect the buoyancy of the bait.




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