Make 2018 the Year You Catch More Fish

Make 2018 the Year You Catch More Fish

I suppose like most people who love fishing as much as I do that you are always searching for the perfect blend of conditions, tackle and bait to lure the best and bigest fish to your net.

  1. JH Baits

Well please take a few moments to read about exactly why we feel our range is the perfect fit for you in 2018.

KLF Liquid Food Boilie Glug has been created using the quality Pure Krill Liquid and other quality liquid foods and flavours contained in all our KLF Boilie Range.

Enhancing any Boilie with this KLF Glug will certainly increase the attractiveness of your hook baits and will send a powerful food signal into the water that Carp just cannot refuse ..


Our  Wafters have been carefully made to achieve a Boilie that is as close to neutral buoyancy as possible, and we believe we have achieved this with a combination of the quality KLF Base Mix and KLF Pop-Up mix.

Creating a bait that neither floats or sits hard on the bottom can give you a presentation that can be the difference between a bite or not. Also these baits due to their make up have a washed out appearance which can also be a slight edge. 


Using a quality Pellet and combining it with our own KLF Liquid plus other KLF Ingredients such as Robin Red/ GLM / Betaine and more, we have created a pellet that gives off a high amount of attraction and food signals into the water. An excellent nutritional feed that matches the KLF Boilie Range.

Our range of baits will never let you down.

Wishing you a truly successful 2018

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