JH Baits Nui-B Basemix for carp fishing , rolling boilies

Nuti-B Basemix and Pre Mixed Liquids.

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If you are an Angler who likes to Roll your own Boilies the Nuti-B Pack is perfect for you.

The original Nuti-B Base Mix and Liquids already Pre-Mixed and ready to add Egg and roll.

As a guide 1kg of Basemix & Liquid with added eggs will give a finished Boilie weight of approximately 1.4kg 

Packs come in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg sizes.

Add Approximately 8 Large eggs per 1kg of Basemix.

Please Note: this is a Fresh Freezer Bait mix and once made unless you add in your own preservative it needs to be treated like any other Freezer bait and stored in your freezer.

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