B-4 Freezer Bait

B-4 Freezer Bait

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Not only is the B-4 another incredible Nutritional and highly Attractive Boilie it has been made using no fish meal products whatsoever, making the B-4 more sustainable and therefore helping to protect our planet.

Designed to be a more sustainable product but a product that is a high quality food source and attractive bait but also at a very affordable price.

We believe with the B-4 we have created just that, and from the very early stages of testing it became clear we had another great carp catching Boilie in the making.

The B-4 Consists of Vegetable Proteins & Carbohydrates, Quality soluble milk proteins, Mixed bird food and cereals, Liver powder, Brewers yeast's and Wheat germ to aid digestion.

Then we add the B-4 liquid pack that includes Hydrolysed Liver liquid, Corn Steep Liquor and a Meaty Flavour reactor to enhance the bait's natural aroma and taste. This results in Meaty/Yeast aroma that carp find irresistible.

The B-4 is available now in 15mm & 18mm Sizes. 

Recommended :

All our baits are soluble , meaning they will slowly breakdown releasing food signals and attraction into the water continuously , over time they will become soft and eventually breakdown.

As with all our Freezer and Shelf-Life Boilies we also supply a range of Hardened Hookbaits for anglers who want reassurance there Hookbaits can be left in the water many hours without fear of becoming too soft and being removed by nuisance species.
Please see our pop-ups/Hookbaits section. 






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