B-4 Boilie Glug

B-4 Boilie Glug

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B-4 Boilie Glug containing B-4 liquid food and flavours contained in our B-4 Boilie Range.

Enhancing any Boilie with this B-4 Glug will certainly increase the attractiveness of your hook baits and will send a powerful food signal Carp find hard to ignore.

Simply add some hook baits to a pot and pour B-4 Liquid Glug over the baits sparingly, repeat as many times as necessary, the longer the baits are soaked in the Glug the more the Liquid will soak deep into your Boilies.

As with all products containing natural ingredients, the colour of this Glug can change slightly from batch to batch. This in no way effects the performance of the product. 


*New Improved wide neck 250ml Bottle.*

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